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Terrance Dozier aka Excs Eeze, better known by his stage name Excs Eeze, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Virginia Beach raised self proclaimed "Purveyor of Conscious Trap" knew his life was in music. At a young age Excs was always using music around him to place many scenes of life. After losing his father at the ripe age of 10 he began writing music to express himself. Excs has many musical influences in many genres. Excs plans to one day tour the world. "I can be described best as raw but fashion, my music will change the world and landscape one day.

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Heartless King Entertainment & The Good Guyz Music Group's Own Excs Eeze Is Back with his latest project. The album is a totally different vibe from his previous classic IDFK Yet in both sound and lyrical content. Excs once again proves that he can reinvent himself at the drop of a dime and completely revamp his sound from project to project. Excs Files is a different piece of work with experimental flows & production that clearly shows why Excs is one of the most talented unique artists in the game!

Excs Files LP
Released Feb 2023

Released Feb  2022

April 1st 2023 Excs Eeze will be performing at the Bash After Hash Bash in Ypsilanti MI. 

“I am Raw but Fashion and will change the landscape of music with my art!”

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For Booking Contact:

Facebook: @excseezeofficial

IG: @excs_eeze_lr

YouTube: @excseeze352


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